Recycling old clothes is very beneficial to the environment and is beneficial to communities of people that are in need of clothing. Recycling your clothes is a nice way to do something good in the world. You may not see it but many kids have parents that are struggling and really benefit from donations. If you have old clothes that you know you aren’t going to wear, then why not donate them to people that may be less fortunate? We all replace our clothes with more modern fashion trends while leaving tons of clothes in our closet that we never plan to wear again. Donating clothes will put smiles on so many people’s faces because a lot of people just don’t have clothes to wear. Recycling clothes is also very beneficial to the environment which is just an added bonus. Many people have become very wasteful and choose to throw away clothes rather than giving them to people who actually need them. Consumers that are constantly buying new clothes honestly forget that old clothes can still be reused and worn by others. You be surprised at how many kids will think your old clothes are clean and wonderful! You should definitely look into recycling clothes in your area.


Benefits to the Environment


Donating old clothes is so beneficial for the environment we all live in. Some much money is spent by the EPA to dispose of clothes that are dumped in landfills. Clothes in landfills release carbon dioxide and methane as they sit there and continue to break down into the environment. Landfills continue to grown and increase our pollution levels. Textiles that decompose are just polluting our air and water we need to survive. We need to protect our drinking water from dangerous chemicals such as carbon dioxide. Clothes that sit in landfills often seep into the groundwater that we all end up consuming. This is all added to the global warming crisis that is very heavily debated about. If more clothes are donated that will result in fewer clothes ending up in landfills which will pollute the environment and make our neighborhoods look bad. It’s important to contribute to the circular economy which is needed to help build a sustainable environment for everyone to live in by donating. We need to use everything to its maximum potential and remember that old clothes should not just go to waste. There are so many positives that come along with recycling clothes for the health of the environment and for people that are in need.


DIY Ripped Shirts


Ripped shirts that are donated can still be put to use. Cleaning old clothes and ironing them out is a great first step towards making them look new. You can find ways to create patches and designs to cover up holes to help bring the shirt back to life! This can be done by cutting circular patches out of doilies with floral design for example and stitching them into areas of the shirt that have holes. You can tightly pin and stitch them down to ensure that they stay in place when you are outside. 

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