Amclex provides clothing drop off locations!

We partner with manufacturers of textiles and clothing to reduce waste and supply clothing to people in need around the world.

Our Statement

We have more than 500 employees working in our factories, sorting, grading, and shipping clothing around the world. We provide convenient clothing drop off locations for you to recycle your clothes. Our partners and staff are responsible for reducing the amount of landfill waste from clothing and textiles by as much as 4 billion pounds, all while supplying clothing and materials to the people that need these items the most. Customer services is one of our main priorities at Amclex. Our staff members do whatever they can to answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

We also place a high priority on processing orders of cloth recycling, creating a smooth workflow, and handling any concerns that arise during the process. We know what an important responsibility it is to handle the volume of clothing and textiles we have flowing through our factory every day and we want the system to be as efficient as possible. If you would like to learn more about how Amclex is reducing waste and helping fill clothing needs around the world, want to know places to reuse clothes, or you are interested in partnering with us and supply textiles or clothing, contact Amclex at 305-634-1757.

How You Can Get Involved

Become A Partner

Your business has the opportunity to play a significant role in the clothing recycling industry. By working with Amclex, you are able to support the clothing and textile needs of countries around the world.

Get Started

Drop-Off Locally

Amclex is constantly seeking new sources of clothing, so if you would like to be a part of this recycle and reuse revolution, visit our location to drop of your used materials!

Location & Hours

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