Whether you’re interested in recycled clothes because you know it’s better for the planet or because it’s a cheaper way to shop, regardless, this is a good step. Many people are searching for “textile recycling near me” and coming up at a loss. It can be a difficult process to find the right business to support your step in this journey. Here at American Clothing Exchange, Inc., we help the cycle of recycled clothes.


Recycled Clothes As A Trend

One of the biggest trends currently is being able to say your outfit was made from sustainable materials. Not only did you show up looking as good as you do, but you also care about the planet. From celebrities to the girl next door, this trend not only takes tact but creativity and intention. If you don’t have any recycled fashions, like thrift finds, in your closet, then it’s time to re-evaluate your situation. 


How to Mix-It-Up?

You might think you have to be a fashion designer or the perfect seamstress to make some true magic happen. However, you actually don’t need much experience, just imagination. The main goal is to see how many times we can repurpose things before we recycle them elsewhere. Are there things in your household that you can reuse?


You can create new things from old fashions like pillows, cushions, toys, garments, scarves, hats, leg warmers, quilts, and more. It’s all a matter of getting creative and identifying solutions to any needs you may have. Instead of buying new seasonal garments when a new winter season is approaching, see what you have available in your home. 


More Things You Can Do To Help The Planet

You can help the planet by using the above measures to be proactive when it comes to recycling your clothes. If you’re looking for a “textile recycling near me,” look no further. American Clothing Exchange, Inc. is a company focused on helping with this. Other things you can recycle to help the planet include buying recycled paper and using both sides. You can also recycle your outdated technology, any old newspapers, or ink/toner cartridges.


By looking for recycled options on the products you buy, buying rechargeable batteries, and reusing your morning coffee cup, you can help change the world. These all have an impact on the environment and its future. You can recycle almost everything, including tires, glass, used oil, hazardous waste, old towels, linen, and paper. Here are different ways to recycle your clothes: 

  1. Cut your clothes for new purposes.
  2. Donate your clothes or swap them.
  3. Dye your clothes.
  4. Give your clothes away to family and friends.
  5. Use your clothes as extra cloth for blankets or pet supplies.
  6. Use old clothes for arts and crafts.


Contact Us

American Clothing Exchange, Inc. is the “textile recycling place near me” that you want. We provide the bridge between cleaning out your closet and rebuilding it. With the help of all the people who bring in clothes and everyone who comes in for fresh looks. We have recycled clothes here. Contact us now to learn more!

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