Cleaning out a cluttered closet is a daunting prospect, but a necessary one nonetheless. With the holiday sales abounding, you may be accumulating a small mountain of new outfits and have no idea where to recycle clothes. Before you chuck an armload of garments in the trash, consider these greener alternatives, including clothes recycling with American Clothing Exchange, Inc. in Miami. 


Clothes Recycling By Donating And Consigning 

If you consider yourself a shopaholic who prefers a frequently-updated wardrobe, then your clothing is probably still in good condition when you wear it for the last time. Although you may be tired of that blazer from last spring, there’s a good chance a sibling, cousin, friend, or neighbor would delightfully accept it as a new addition to their wardrobe. At the beginning of each season, go through your closet and remove items you no longer want, making room for the new items you will actually wear. Invite friends or family to wade through your pile of unwanted clothes; whatever is left, you can donate to a charity. If the items are in like-new condition, you may be able to sell them to a consignment shop or online.


Reusing And Repurposing

Maybe no one wants your closet rejects, maybe you’re unsure where to recycle clothes, or maybe you are unwilling to part with a certain item because of the personal meaning it holds. Even if you never wear that sentimental t-shirt, you can upcycle it into something you will actually use, such as a pillowcase or as part of a quilt with other unworn shirts. A pair of old denim jeans can be transformed into a number of craft projects, from laptop covers to handbags. Textiles that are especially damaged can avoid the trash bin by being shredded; the resulting scraps make good padding for pillows and stuffed animals or sound-proofing insulation. 


Using A Textile Recycling Center

There are many ways to recycle your clothes, from donating to scrapping; your local textile recycling center follows each of these steps when they sift through a pile of donations. If you would rather bring in the whole loot and let them sort through it, compile the items in your closet which are eligible for textile recycling. While your outdated clothes are an obvious candidate, you may not realize that any item made of fabric or cloth can be recycled. That stack of ugly sheets taking up space in your bathroom closet? You can donate those. Those scratchy blankets for which you never reach? Recycle them! Throw in those old towels and outdated curtains; you can even include fabric handbags. Stuffed animals can get a second life from the recycle bin, while shoes and backpacks can source new items. Don’t trash any of these neglected textiles – recycle them! 


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If you’re wondering where to recycle clothes, contact American Clothing Exchange, Inc. in Miami, with drop off locations all over the city. Our clothes recycling service can help you clean out your closet with ease – and a clear conscience! Call or visit us today!

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